Avenger B120 Strato Safe B7018

The B7018 Strato Safe Stand is the smallest stand in terms of height in the Avenger Strato Safe Family! The Aluminium legs and chrome steel column are capable of handling loads up to 100 kg/220 lbs at a max height of 175 cm/68.9 inches. Equipped with foam-filled braked multi-directional wheels the B7018 is capable of easily moving the biggest lights into position on different types of terrain. The heavy-duty gearbox uses a removable ratchet handle that easily raises and lowers the most demanding loads.

Product Details

ManufactorAvenger - Manfrotto
Official Product PageClick here
TypeStrato Safe
ModelB120 - B7018
Weight30 KG
Min Height110 CM
Min Height43.31 Inches
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